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shave_close's Journal

Close Shave: stills of cinematic shaving scenes
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stills of cinematic shaving scenes
The concept is simple: post movie stills of shaving scenes from any movie in which you see such a scene.

This is not meant to be a fetish community (though I suppose you can treat it as such, if that's your thing). I am simply fascinated by the sheer number of shaving scenes depicted in film, mainly because they always make me flinch. This is an attempt to catalog some of them.

Each post should include the following information, where known:
* Actor(s) featured in the screen capture
* Film title
* Director
* Production studio
* Year

If more than two screenshots are necessary, please put additional shots behind an LJ cut.

Recommended screen shot size: no smaller than 288 pixels wide, no bigger than 800 pixels wide.